Sunday, August 10, 2014

Stuffed Capsicum

4 capsicum
1 tbsp oil/butter

Boiled potatoes mashed with peeper,salt and cheese(optional) to taste.
You can also add choice of spices you want(perry perry ,dried herbs).

Slightly steamed and finely chopped veggies like carrot, flower, beans, green peace, mushroom, baby corn etc. with pepper, salt, chilly powder and chat masala to taste.

Mutton/Chicken Kheema cooked traditionally.

1) Wash and boil the capsicums in water till they are slightly tender. Remove and keep aside to cool and dry. 
2) Once cooled, Cut the top off completely or keep the top 1 inch attached to capsicum. Remove all the seeds and keep aside for stuffing.
3) Fill each capsicum to the top from choice of stuffing. Press down the stuffing while feeling to ensure that they are filled completely.
4) Heat oil/butter in medium pan and spread evenly.  Once hot, add capsicums and fry till they turn golden and wrinkled. Keep flipping occasionally to ensure capsicums are cooked from all sides. 
5) Garnish the top with grated cheese/ coriander/parsley when capsicums are hot.  Serve with jeera rice/ chapatis.

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